Sunday, March 25, 2007

Traditional Values Coalition
AG Gonzales and the White House are being pilloried for having fired 8 Attorney’s (sic) General during the past 6 years. Liberals are screaming that the firings were political in nature. So, what if the firings were political? The Attorney’s General are the political appointees of the President. He has the power to appoint them and to remove them under the Constitution. He doesn’t have to have a reason to fire them. He may just want to clean house and bring in fresh faces. ...
This stinks to high heaven and just shows how ruthless these liberals are in doing whatever they can to destroy the Bush Administration.

Yes, and it could also be that he wanted to protect his powerful GOP friends from being subpoenaed on corruption and bribery charges by replacing those responsible US Attorneys with loyal Bushies ready to drop all charges. Could it be that the Traditional Values Coalition values the millions in federal tax dollars being poured into the faith-based ministries over traditional values like honesty, and respect for the law?

Family Research Council's Limited View of Women's Health

Protecting Women's Health
  • National Ultrasound Initiative/Informed Choice Act
  • Support for pregnancy care centers
  • Halting the commodification of women and the harvesting of eggs
  • Holly's Law/RU-486 Suspension and Review Act
  • Adoption Information Act
  • Prenatally Diagnosed Condition Awareness Act
  • Post-abortion Research and Care Act

Funny, but FRC's agenda for women's health appears to focus solely on reproduction and abortion.

Why Is Wal-Mart Promoting Homosexuality?

Concerned Women for America
Millions of American families shop at Wal-Mart, which until now had a pro-family reputation. But recent events indicate that the company has chosen sides in the culture war, and is promoting homosexuality, including groups that favor “gay marriage.”

If this trend continues, employees who believe in God, marriage and traditional morality eventually will face discrimination.

If you're asking whether employees who intimidate, berate, belittle, threaten, or otherwise harass fellow employees because of their race, religion, or sexual preference will face discharge - then yes - bigots will face discrimination.

Making the World Safe for Immature Minds

The effort to speak up for decency at checkout stands in retail establishments is the motivation behind the "Fools for Christ" campaign from the American Decency Association (ADA). From magazines to newspapers, advocates are hoping to remove objectionable material as members of nationwide communities speak up.

An ID card and as many follow-up visits as it takes, help to fulfill what Johnson says is a Christian's duty to identify with Christ and make a difference for the sake of decency -- rather than just shop and keep silent at the place where we spend our money.

The supermarket is just the start. From here, our next goal is to force museums to cover those classic nudes with respectable Christian clothing. We want to remove anything that might infect our chaste Christian men with an impure thought or embarrassing tumescence.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Annual House Ethics Luncheon

Today's annual Ethics in Government luncheon drew a smaller than expected turnout when it was announced that Deborah Palfrey, the Washington Madam, would be seeking a buyer for her client list of 10,000 Washington high-rollers.

"I don't understand it. These guys weren't so shy when they had a pair of tits in their face," said Ms. Palfrey.

Convicted Felon Offers Legal Advice

Tom "The Money Launderer" Delay says there's no crime in the DOJ's discharge of the US Attorneys. Clinton replaced all 96 US Attorneys when he took office, so why can't Duyba replace 8 attorneys.

First, Delay's legal opinions are about as valid as Michael Jackson's opinions on child predator laws. And Clinton discharged the US Attorneys at the beginning of his term - not 1/2 way through as did Duyba.

US Attorney David C. Iglesias says he was fired after a call from Senator Domenici (R-New Mexico) asking why the sealed indictments pertaining to a politically charged corruption case widely reported in the news media involving local Democrats would not be filed until after the November elections.

The House Panel has thrown down the gauntlet with their subpoenas of Rove, Miers, and other DOJ officials. If this is to be a showdown between the Executive and Legislative branches - let's get it on now. "After two months of stonewalling, shifting stories and misleading testimony, it is clear that we are still not getting the truth about the decision to fire these prosecutors and its cover-up," said Rep. Linda Sanchez, D-Calif.

Force Dubya to Clean Up His Mess

George W. Bush has said he will leave the problem of Iraq to the president elected in 2008. Rather than acknowledge failure in Iraq—and by extension a failed presidency—Bush has chosen to postpone the day of reckoning. It is a decision that will cost many American and Iraqi lives, will leave the United States weaker, and will prolong the decline in American prestige abroad caused by the mismanaged Iraq war. And it will not change the truth that the President so desperately wishes to escape: George W. Bush launched and lost America's Iraq war.

Peter W. Galbraith, The Surge
The New York Review of Books
Volume 54, Number 4

Beyond Quagmire

Rolling Stone Magazine
Brzezinski: If the war continues without any American willingness to accommodate regionally and to pull out, the Iraq War will be extended to Iran. And if we get involved in a war with Iran, that raises the prospect of a twenty-year-long involvement in protracted violence in Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan and probably Pakistan. I'm not a prophet, but if the president doesn't change course, then the more grim prognosis is a likely one.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Famous Southern Senators: Zell Miller (D) Georgia

All many of us knew of Senator Miller was his challenging Chris Matthews to a duel during a Hardball interview after the Republican National Convention. "I wish we lived in the day where you could challenge a person to a duel," the 72-year-old Miller angrily told Matthews.

Well Senator Miller now blames legal abortion for the shortage of cannon fodder for Bush's War on Terrorism. Of the 45 million babies "killed" since the Supreme Court decision on Roe v. Wade in 1973 says Senator Zell, "If those 45 million children had lived, today they would be defending our country ...."

Yes, and those millions of unborn solders would have populated the middle and lower income levels which suffer death and dismemberment while Bush's corporate supporters reap billions in war profits.

Friday, March 09, 2007

Apple Annie: Words Don't Kill - People Kill

During her March 3 remarks at Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church, Coulter issued an anti-gay slur and excused the murder of doctors who perform abortions.

In her remarks, Coulter made light of the murder of abortion doctors and clinic personnel.

Noting that seven doctors and clinic personnel had been killed, Coulter said, “Those few abortionists were shot, or, depending on your point of view, had a procedure with a rifle performed on them. I’m not justifying it, but I do understand how it happened....The number of deaths attributed to Roe v. Wade about 40 million aborted babies and seven abortion clinic workers; 40 million to seven is also a pretty good measure of how the political debate is going.”

Ms. Coulter may believe her words are harmless but the radical pro-life terrorists looking to justify violence find their motivation in her incitement to harm or harass reproductive rights advocates at every opportunity.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Fascist Resurgence at Victory Caucus Blog

Posted on Victory Caucus blog by Calipygian. Articles 1 through 5

1. The liberals are our destruction. They want to destroy the United States and our people. This plan must be blocked. And you'll use any means necessary, including violence, to eliminate free will.

2. There are no distinctions between liberals. Each liberal is a sworn enemy of the American people. If he does not make his hostility plain (sic), it is only from cowardice and slyness, not because he loves us. Liberals have a long history of hateful programs like Social Security, Rural Electrification Agency (REA), Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), workplace safety, child labor laws, Food and Drug Administration, unemployment insurance, and hundreds of others.

3. The liberals are to blame for each American soldier who falls in this war. They have him on their conscience, (sic) and must also pay for it. What's the difference between Vietnam and Iraq? Bush had a successful plan for getting out of Iraq.

4. If someone pulled the lever for Kerry, Pelosi, et al., he is an enemy of the people. He earns the contempt of the entire people, for he is a craven coward who leaves them in the lurch to stand by the enemy. You should rig the voting booths with explosive dye packs like those used by banks. Vote liberal and ...boom ... we're covered with orange dye. You won't have to wander through those boring bookstores looking for us liberals.

5. The liberals enjoy the approval of our enemies. That is all the proof we need to show how harmful they are for our people. Fuckin A Jack - the best way to see the world is through the sights of our assault rifles. The world would be such a better place if it wasn't filled with so many yellow, brown, and black skinned losers.

The ignorance reflected in these articles is so deep and pervasive that it's hard to believe Calipygian is deadly serious in his hatred of anyone with a different idea. People like Calipygian prove time and time again that it's easier to hate than to understand.