Monday, July 09, 2012

100 of the Greatest Guitar Riffs

All 135 Space Shuttle Launches at Once

Grand Finale 2010-11 from McLean Fahnestock on Vimeo.

Reptilian Savagery

I'm at a complete loss for words after viewing the video of an Afghan woman being executed by the local Taliban militia. The sheer brutality of the act, and its justification based on Islamic religious principles, numbs the rational mind. There are so many evils reflected in this single act of savagery that it overwhelms one's capacity to reply with anything other than with an atavistic rage arising from deep within the reptilian area of one's brain.

Christianity and Islam have been hijacked by fundamentalists who have made religion the language of power, the excuse for violence, and the alibi for empire. Bill Moyers, A Time for Heresy
But what unites [Western radicalism and fundamentalist Islam] is that both are rooted in contemporary nihilistic multiculturalism; both express, at best, ambivalence about, at worst outright rejection of, the ideas of modernity, universality, and progress. And both see no real alternative to Western power. Kenan Malik, All Cultures are not Equal
Islamists have not buried Enlightenment values; rather they are dancing on their grave.Brendan O’Neill, Can We Have Our Voltaire Back Please?