Thursday, November 15, 2012

Shitty Pizza and Racist Pancakes

Denny's Restaurants and Papa John's pizza have made good on their threats to employees if President Obama was reelected. Denny's, a national greasy spoon forced to pay $54 million dollars to settle a 1994 racial bias suit, said they will now charge a 5% premium to cover the costs of the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare). It's ironic that, due to the poor pay and benefits for Denny's employees that forces many employees to apply for public assistance, employers like Denny's must now forgo the free ride and help to defray health care costs they have historically pushed onto taxpayers.

Papa John's , a purveyor of tasteless doughy pizzas only edible by those on the verge of starvation, said they will lay-off employees as a result of President Obama's reelection. If Papa John's was honest with itself, management would realize that its their shitty pizza that is the greatest threat to their continued existence.

These are just two examples of corporations exhibiting poor taste and a childish attitude at being on the loosing side of our recent election. The executives at both companies need to pull up their big-boy panties and accept the reality of a second Obama term.

WTF John???

 John McCain says that Ambassador Susan Rice is not the brightest diplomat. This from a man that selected Sara Palin as his running mate - a person that couldn't name the leaders of important Asian countries. McCain, Washington's premier curmudgeon, appears to have lost whatever remaining sense of propriety he once held. 

In point of fact, Dr. Susan Rice is a woman of great accomplishment. Dr. Rice was a Rhodes Scholar and received her Ph. D from Oxford. Dr. Rice also served as Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs under President Clinton and was on the staff of the National Security Council. .

McCain's  unwarranted attack on Dr. Rice is overtly misogynistic and beneath the dignity of a US Senator. He needs to apologize to Dr. Rice for his embarrassing comments.