Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Are You Hugging Your Way to Hell?

The Side Hug
"Yes, God wants us to be compassionate and kind and tender with each other... As long as there is no body on body action. I’m talking of course about a “full frontal hug,” one of those sinful abominations where you just wrap your arms around a friend and embrace them. That’s why Christians the world over have pioneered the “side hug.” In the side hug there’s no risk of two crotches touching. Instead of face to face, you go side to side, putting your arm around the person and your hip against their’s."

And apparently god is commanding his devoted followers to renounce the practice of frottage and to sublimate their prurient interest in camel toes, titties, and one-eyed trouser trout. To the blessed ones, a cigar is never just a cigar.

Monday, November 09, 2009

Rep Bart Stupak: Michigan's Asshole of the Month

Rep Stupak's attempt to derail much needed health care legislation with a transparent attempt to restrict reproductive freedom secures his nomination as Michigan's Asshole of the Month.

Rep Stupak's anti-choice activism edged out Rep Mike Rogers who was nominated for the outstanding doublespeak and half-truths found in his latest newsletter

Representatives Stupak and Rogers - working together to drag Michigan back to the 19th Century.

Update Nov 17
I find the over 1 trillion dollars wasted in Duyba's War on Terror to be as objectionable as Rep. Stupak finds the use of taxes to fund abortions. Why isn't my objection as valid as the anti-choice side?

Friday, November 06, 2009

Support the Fort Hood Victims

FORT HOOD, Texas - Military officials were starting Friday to piece together what may have pushed an Army psychiatrist trained to help soldiers in distress to turn on his comrades in a shooting rampage that killed 13 people and wounded 30 in Texas. (MSNBC)

Soldier & Family Assistance Center (SFAC)

Building 36042, Darnall Loop
Fort Hood Texas 76544

The SFAC is a one-stop location with a team of professionals that provide tailored services that are responsive to the needs of wounded, ill, and injured Soldiers assigned to the Warrior Transition Brigade and their Families.

To provide compassionate, coordinated services to Warriors in Transition and their Family Members.

Our efforts are aimed at fostering dignity and independence, while assisting the Warrior in their transition either back to duty or to service as a vital member of the community.