Sunday, March 25, 2007

Traditional Values Coalition
AG Gonzales and the White House are being pilloried for having fired 8 Attorney’s (sic) General during the past 6 years. Liberals are screaming that the firings were political in nature. So, what if the firings were political? The Attorney’s General are the political appointees of the President. He has the power to appoint them and to remove them under the Constitution. He doesn’t have to have a reason to fire them. He may just want to clean house and bring in fresh faces. ...
This stinks to high heaven and just shows how ruthless these liberals are in doing whatever they can to destroy the Bush Administration.

Yes, and it could also be that he wanted to protect his powerful GOP friends from being subpoenaed on corruption and bribery charges by replacing those responsible US Attorneys with loyal Bushies ready to drop all charges. Could it be that the Traditional Values Coalition values the millions in federal tax dollars being poured into the faith-based ministries over traditional values like honesty, and respect for the law?


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