Monday, March 30, 2015

Indiana's Religious Freedom Law: Stand Your Ground for Bigots

Gov. Mike Pence says his state's new religious freedom law does not legalize discrimination ... it simply allows citizens of Indiana to exercise their religious freedom without sanction. 

Sorry, but this law does nothing more than to create a stand-your-ground shield for Indiana's bigots. Some people just got to denigrate others to feel superior. American history is a story of ever increasing human rights. With this new law, Indiana has taken a major step backwards. 

Monday, March 09, 2015

Pennies for Dollars

Gov. Chris "Sit Down and Shut Up" Christie sells out the citizens of New Jersey for pennies on the dollar in order to mask his budget shortfall.  

While few expected NJ to receive anything near the $8.9 Billion in damage and cleanup costs levied against Exxon Mobil, prosecutors did believe the final charges against Exxon Mobil would amount to some $3.5 Billion. 

The billions in potential fines could have been used to strengthen New Jersey's underfunded public pension system and forestall a host of potentially burdensome tax increases. Looking to improve his budget numbers, Gov. Christie stiffed the citizens of NJ and struck a deal with Exxon Mobil that waived all claims against the company, as well as all cleanup costs. In exchange for dropping the $8.9 Billion lawsuit, Christie agreed to accept $225 Million as full compensation for Exxon Mobil's destruction of over 1,500 acres of public lands in Northern New Jersey.