Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Convicted Felon Offers Legal Advice

Tom "The Money Launderer" Delay says there's no crime in the DOJ's discharge of the US Attorneys. Clinton replaced all 96 US Attorneys when he took office, so why can't Duyba replace 8 attorneys.

First, Delay's legal opinions are about as valid as Michael Jackson's opinions on child predator laws. And Clinton discharged the US Attorneys at the beginning of his term - not 1/2 way through as did Duyba.

US Attorney David C. Iglesias says he was fired after a call from Senator Domenici (R-New Mexico) asking why the sealed indictments pertaining to a politically charged corruption case widely reported in the news media involving local Democrats would not be filed until after the November elections.

The House Panel has thrown down the gauntlet with their subpoenas of Rove, Miers, and other DOJ officials. If this is to be a showdown between the Executive and Legislative branches - let's get it on now. "After two months of stonewalling, shifting stories and misleading testimony, it is clear that we are still not getting the truth about the decision to fire these prosecutors and its cover-up," said Rep. Linda Sanchez, D-Calif.


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