Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Every Sperm is Sacred
Constance Johnson, a state legislator in Oklahoma introduced an amendment to a Republican "personhood bill" that would make it illegal for men to spill their seed anywhere but inside a woman on the grounds that it constitutes "an action against an unborn child." (more)

With the GOP attacking women's reproductive freedom, it's about time for a bit of humor from the left.

Monday, March 26, 2012

A Killing Ground

[The American Left] can’t understand how an armed citizen can walk away from a fight in order to keep from having it escalate out of control. Anti-gun schemers also don’t understand the self-reliant and self-assured know they are capable of acting properly if forced to defend their own life, or to stand down when it isn’t necessary. [Buckeye Firearms Org]

Were it reasonable to expect that every armed citizen carries the burden of lethal force as seriously as he or she transports their concealed weapon through a public sphere simmering with petty personal grievances, one may realistically hope that tragedies like the killing of Trayvon Martin would be extremely rare. I fear that this is a false hope.

“Every handgun owned in America is an implicit declaration of war on one’s neighbor. When the chips are down, its owner says, he will not trust any other arbiter but force personally wielded.”

Don B. Kates, Jr., Public Opinion: The Effects of Extremist Discourse on the Gun Debate

Friday, March 02, 2012

What Was He Thinking?

The Judicial Council of the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals opened a misconduct review of Montana's chief federal District Court judge for forwarding a racially charged email about President Obama from his courthouse computer.

Judge Richard F. Cebull asked for the review as calls mounted Thursday for his immediate resignation. Legal ethics experts predicted the incident would result in a public admonishment. (Los Angeles Times)
Like Judge Cebull, many of us have received racist or sexist emails; however, the difference is we realized the hateful content of these emails and promptly deleted them. The good judge choose to forward this racist email to his "old buddies." That a federal judge displayed such gross insensitivity and poor judgement clearly demonstrates his lack of judicial ethics necessary to remain on the bench. As incompetent a president as was George W Bush, the number of hateful emails directed at Bush never equaled the avalanche of slime directed at President Obama. Our political class has become like a carnival sideshow - nothing but freaks, geeks, and snake oil pitchmen.