Friday, October 18, 2013

Rep. Louis Gohmert (R-TX): Proof that Intelligent Design is a Myth!

The election of political hacks like Louis Gohmert, and his gang of red meat conservatives like Ron Paul, Tom DeLay, and Ted Cruz would suggest that the only functional voting booths in the entire Republic of Texas are located in Southern Baptist Churches where the congregant population is 98% white and who are at least 3rd cousins or better.

About the only time Gohmert opens his mouth without increasing global entropy is when he yawns after sleeping through yet another house session. Voted by his peers as the dumbest member of the house, Gohmert's almost daily gaffs secure his reputation as the least-gifted congressman.

 Here's a collection of some of Gohmert's more memorable utterances:

Gohmert repeatedly claimed that terrorists were impregnating women, sending them to the US, waiting for the babies to be born as "anchor babies," flying them back to wherever they came from, waiting twenty to thirty years so the babies can grow up and be trained as terrorists, and then sending them back to the US where they can gain easy entry to blow up the country. He first introduced this idea in a speech on the House floor in 2010.

"And I know the president made the mistake one day of saying he had visited all 57 states, and I’m well aware that there are not 57 states in this country, although there are 57 members of OIC, the Islamic states in the world. Perhaps there was some confusion whether he’d been to all 57 Islamic states as opposed to all 50 U.S. states. But nonetheless, we have an obligation to the 50 American states, not the 57 Muslim, Islamic states."

In a speech delivered to a Longview Chamber of Commerce in Texas, Gohmert voiced his fears that "Radical Islamists" were infiltrating the United States by impersonating Latinos.

On July 20, 2012, Gohmert appeared on The Heritage Foundation's "Istook Live!" radio show the day of the July 20, 2012 Aurora, Colorado shootings, which left 12 people dead, and 59 injured. Gohmert blamed the shooting's outcome on the erosion of Judeo-Christian beliefs, and the lack of concealed carriers in the theater.

On 16 December 2012, two days after the murder of over twenty people at an elementary school, Gohmert appeared on Fox News Sunday and suggested that the tragedy would have never happened had the teachers been armed.

At a congressional hearing on May 23, 2013, on an abortion bill that would ban the procedure after 20 weeks of pregnancy, Gohmert told a female witness that she should have carried her pregnancy to term even though doctors had discovered the fetus had no brain function.[

During a Congressional hearing on computer hacking, Gohmert suggested hacking back and destroying the computers of hackers -- and grew indignant at the suggestion that this might lead people to attack the wrong targets. Gohmert stated that objections raised in response to his hack back plan were aimed at protecting the  hackers.

Gohmert pointed to a study that he said indicated that the rate of suicide in the military was associated with atheism — drawing a connection that he said implied that a lack of faith was associated with mental health disorders.

"When it comes to the shutdown that's going on, I heard just before I came some senator from Arizona (John McCain), uh, a guy that liked Qaddafi before he wanted to bomb him, a guy that liked Mubarak before he wanted him out, a guy that's been to Syria and supported al Qaeda and rebels, but he was saying today the shutdown has been a fool's errand."

Gohmert (R-TX) told a conservative radio program this week that the Obama administration “bungled” the investigation of the Boston bombing due to internal guidance from the Muslim Brotherhood. "This administration has so many Muslim Brotherhood members that have influence that they just are making wrong decisions for America." (Interview on World Net Daily, May 2013)

Rep. Gohmert believes that Obama is trying to establish a new Ottoman Empire for Muslims by engineering the takeover of such nations as Egypt and Libya by Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaeda terrorists.

It seems that Gohmert is also something of an expert on animal husbandry. Here’s his theory: The caribou very much enjoy the warmth the pipeline radiates. “So when they want to go on a date, they invite each other to head over to the pipeline,” he informed his colleagues. It’s apparently the equivalent of being wined and dined. And that has resulted in a tenfold caribou population boom, he concluded.

“So my real concern now ...if oil stops running through the we need a study to see how adversely the caribou would be affected if that warm oil ever quit flowing?” he asked.  (Washington Post, 2-7-2012)

Speaking on gun magazine limits, Gohmert said, "And I pointed out, well, once you make it 10, then why would you draw the line at 10? What's wrong with nine? Or 11? And the problem is once you draw that limit -- it's kind of like marriage when you say it's not a man and a woman anymore, then why not have three men and one woman, or four women and one man, or why not somebody has a love for an animal?"

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Republican Party is a hodgepodge of plutocrats, white nativists, overt racists, neo-Confederates, Christian Dominationists, John Birchers, and know-nothings. In theory, groups such as the Koch Brothers, Fox News, “the Religious Right”, and the Heritage Foundation have reign over this motley coalition.

The true believers on the Right really do think that Barack Obama is a Socialist black African usurper in the White House who stole two elections and hates white people. The Christian Dominionists really believe that they can ruin the Earth and global warming is a myth because their God told them so. The idea that tax cuts for the rich will pay for themselves, and that “trickle down economics” produce growth for all, is a basic fact for Republicans in the Age of Fox News in the same way that gravity is accepted by physicists.  Chauncey DeVega, The Republican Party is Possessed by a Hallucinatory Ideology.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Too Funny

Texas: Spawning Political Dimwits Since 1845

America needs Texas sane, or at least not completely deranged. It’s is the second largest state in the nation, a place of beauty, pride and barbeque, the home of icons of independence like Sam Houston, Lyle Lovett and Molly Ivins. It was Ivins who described Texas politics as “the finest form of free entertainment ever invented” and “better than the circus,” but this year the fun under that particular big top is looking more and more like a freakshow, and the clowns are starting to scare the kids.  John Avlon, Crazy Texas Republicans.