Friday, March 09, 2007

Apple Annie: Words Don't Kill - People Kill

During her March 3 remarks at Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church, Coulter issued an anti-gay slur and excused the murder of doctors who perform abortions.

In her remarks, Coulter made light of the murder of abortion doctors and clinic personnel.

Noting that seven doctors and clinic personnel had been killed, Coulter said, “Those few abortionists were shot, or, depending on your point of view, had a procedure with a rifle performed on them. I’m not justifying it, but I do understand how it happened....The number of deaths attributed to Roe v. Wade about 40 million aborted babies and seven abortion clinic workers; 40 million to seven is also a pretty good measure of how the political debate is going.”

Ms. Coulter may believe her words are harmless but the radical pro-life terrorists looking to justify violence find their motivation in her incitement to harm or harass reproductive rights advocates at every opportunity.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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