Friday, March 22, 2013

Asshole of the Month (Again)

Rep. Michele Bachmann, never one to miss an opportunity to use the latest conspiracy theory to pull those clueless Tea Party peasants from their nostalgie de la boue, is now on a tear over President Obama's professional dog walker. 

Is Ms. Bachmann smart enough to realize that Secret Service protection should President Obama walk his own dog would cost far in excess of the annual grounds maintenance fees paid to the staff dog walker? Can her intellectually-challenged followers suspend their selfishness long enough to realize there's a world of difference between private citizens and the leader of the free world walking one's dog. Why, after a long history of presidential dog walkers pulled from the White House grounds keeper staff, does Ms. Bachmann begrudge President Obama the same perquisite? Can it be the uppity Black man languishing in the splendor of his office?

How many asinine statements can this publicity whore utter before our do-nothing congress revokes her membership on the House intelligence Committee? She's active ignorance looking for her next publicity fix. What does she say about the people that elected this dolt to high office?


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