Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Attack on Social Security

Found this interesting comment posted on the Crooked Timber blog.

Hidari 10.19.12 at 4:15 am
But surely there is no great mystery here? It always amazes me that liberals genuinely seem to think that Conservatıves (I mean the money men, the real Conservatıies) are genuinely and honestly upset by gay marrıage or “the sixtıes”.
It”s very obvious (at least to me) that Amerıcan Conservatism has had a long-term politıcal goal almost sınce its conceptıon (and I thınk a genealogy of its ıdeology shows this): how can “we” reverse the New Deal? When one cuts through all the rhetoric, all the irrelevancies about lifestyle issues, THIS is the core idea of modern Amerıcan Conservatısm, just as ” how can we reverse the achievements of the Attlee Government” is the core idea of Brıtish Conservatısm.
And in both cases it is clear that we will be reaching “endgame” in the next 10-20 years.


phosphorious 10.18.12 at 6:29 pm
Christians believe in an infinitely merciful God, and libertarians believe that capitalism creates abundance. . . but both groups believe that suffering is good for you. Neither is working to create a world without suffering or scarcity.

This is why there are no good conservatives.


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