Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Profiles in Ignorance: Rep. Hoekstra, (R-Michigan)

Rep. Hoekstra would have us believe that progressive economic policies have resulted in the transfer of millions of American manufacturing jobs to Asian countries unfettered by the restrictive and costly regulations placed on American corporations. Were it not for the burdensome workplace safety, equal opportunity, environmental protection, and minimum wage laws holding back our corporations, we could compete with the Chinese in flooding our markets with cheaply-made products based on stolen American technology.

Manufacture the iPhone in the US as cheaply as China ? Sure, just house all employees in huge barracks located next to the plant where they're freed from distractions like family obligations and useless social activities.

Respond to changing market conditions as quickly as China? No problem! Our revised right-to-work laws place employees, now living in on-site company barracks, under a 24/7 obligation to report to work. No lost time commuting from home.


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