Thursday, May 19, 2011

Why Vouchers Are Bad for Texas

The Texas Freedom Network supports full funding of the state’s public schools. Vouchers are a controversial proposition to use tax dollars to fund tuition at private and religious schools. Such a plan would drain money from our public schools, diverting scarce tax dollars to private and religious schools that don't have to meet the same standards as public schools and are unaccountable to taxpayers.

Additionally, spending public tax dollars for religious schools violates the state and federal constitutional separation of church and state. As far back as 1997, the Texas Faith Network began building a coalition of Texas clergy who are opposed to vouchers. To date, almost 150 religious leaders across the state have signed onto the Clergy Statement of Opposition to Vouchers.

Eight Reasons Why Vouchers Are Bad for Texas

While not one of the eight reasons listed to oppose school vouchers, channeling public funds into private schools will further balkanize our educational system producing disassociated blocks of future citizens exposed only to a set of limited ideas and beliefs. This would create trouble in our expanding multicultural democracy.


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