Friday, October 29, 2010

The Slide Continues: Reagan to McMahon

American democracy is threatened by our weakness for those who saturate the media extolling the mundane while denigrating the exceptional. We have set the bar so low that our politicians need show no qualification for high office beyond their ability to echo juvenile platitudes while mustering artfully crafted smiles to a media ravenous for any content to gorge its 24/7 feeding frenzy. Our leaders have morphed into an embarrassing display of self-righteous religiosity and narcissistic preening carefully scripted to merge seamlessly between the practiced steps and rehearsed humility of the intellectually numbing entity that is our popular media. That a woman whose entire career has promoted nothing but the aggressive, steroid-fueled display of sweaty tits and shapely asses could be seriously considered for public office confirms how little respect remains for those we entrust to advance our great democratic experiment.


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