Saturday, January 30, 2010

Faith Trumps Science. WTF?

Aside from the obvious irritation at people like Tebow who feel they have to shove their religiosity into the public domain 24/7, I have serious issues over the comments made by Tebow’s mother. She would have us believe that her doctor was an uncaring quack that nearly ended the life of her unborn son when he or she advised her to terminate the pregnancy for medical reasons. The cavalier attitude ascribed to her physician is a creation of her biased mind and not the behavior of a medical professional counseling a patient facing a serious ethical choice. The more troublesome issue presented in this carefully scripted passion play is the not so veiled suggestion that faith trumps science. When informed of the seriousness of her condition, she decided, on the strength of faith alone, to continue her pregnancy. With the gift of 20/20 hindsight, Mrs. Tebow presents her singular experience as a model for all women facing a similar diagnosis. Her commentary callously suggests that modern science and medicine are no more capable of ameliorating human suffering than are the incantations of a tribal witchdoctor chanted over the spilled entrails of a butchered goat.

Has a professional diagnosis of Trisomy 21, Tay-Sachs, Anencephaly, or any of the other tragic birth abnormalities intruded on your plans for motherhood? Mrs. Tebow would have women believe that faith alone will restructure that mortally scrambled life developing with them. What meaningless sympathies would Mrs.Tebow extend to those mothers who chose faith over science only to give birth to a child condemned to a short and painful existence? With tragic irony, the faith that only added to human suffering is now used to justify that suffering as God’s will. The cruelty behind that blind faith knows no limits.


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This is just another part of the anti-science, anti-education, anti-logic of the reich wing.

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