Thursday, August 27, 2009

America's Home Grown Terrorists

Here's a sampling of the hate motivating those self-defined loyal American patriots itching to water the Tree of Liberty. Tim McViegh's effort to water that Tree of Liberty shed the innocent blood of 168 American citizens - 19 of which were just children. We can no longer allow the hate-filled rhetoric of these false patriots to overpower those voices calling for a more inclusive, peaceful America. We will not be dissuaded by their willingness to display weapons at public forums in an attempt to intimidate those with opposing views.

One more Zog henchman bites the dust. Teddy Zog Kennedy died today. One Less parasite in the body politic of America.
My pastor told me last night that even though Glenn Beck refuses to name the Jew, he is definitly [sic] giving people a good dose of courage and making them BOLD. Hopefully, my pastor says, he will push people to have an epiphany.
When the dollar fails and the grocery store shelves go bare for weeks on end, then the uprisings you see will be the real thing. Until then Beck is just a 'rabble rouser' tool of the jew.
White men will have to reattach their balls, reacquire a barbarian spirit, arm themselves and seize women, territory, power and the needs of life, or the race will die.


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