Saturday, February 07, 2009

Dumb and Dumbest

As our economy continues its unabated slide into the abyss, rising unemployment, especially among the poorly educated, will foster the rise of a uniquely American neo-fascism. Our inability to provide meaningful skills training for the growing number of working-class citizens who now find themselves shut out of the American Dream will provide a rich medium for the growth of intolerance, racism, and xenophobia. Fueled by false patriotism and lead by a political aristocracy fattened on corporate money, these nameless citizens will demonstrate again and again that it's easier to hate than to understand.

Don't think it could happen here? Unemployment hasn't hit double-digits yet, except for Michigan, and you can already see the growing tide of intolerance in the comments posted on a You-Tube clip of Obama's election. When asked by a reporter why Obama's election was so important to her, a black woman replied that she didn't need to worry about her mortgage or her car payment – that Obama would help her. This woman was simply expressing her joy that after 8 years of Bush's indifference to working Americans, President Obama now has the opportunity to restore some of the workplace protections Bush eliminated for his corporate friends. The ignorance expressed in many of the comments speaks for itself.

this is what happens when you let n#gg##rs and stupid emotional women vote you get socialism

I love how all the black people are so hyped up over having a black president, but half of the n#gg#rs don't know jack shit about politics.

Most black people are stupid. That's why so many of them are at the bottom of society.

He's an illegal bastard alien president that the stupid people voted him in. He's your pied piper, leading america to definite depression since the 30' blacks are nothing but parasites.

call me racist all you want. This bitch is a n#gg#r and a dumbfuck. Anyone who says stupid shit like this should go back to africa.

Typical n#gg#r. Too lazy to work, and just wants to live off food stamps and welfare checks. Go back to africa.

"Not only is the society still permeated by racism and sexism and the stereotypes they spawn, but we have allowed a debased and profoundly immature culture to emerge in which the coarsest, most socially destructive images and language are an integral part of the everyday discourse."

Bob Herbert, Signs of Infection


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