Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Grace Under Fire

I believe we knew what Michelle Obama meant when she said that for the first time in her adult life she was “really proud of being American”. Given her current age (44), she became an adult during the reign of Ronnie Reagan. You remember Ronnie and his Iran-Contra scandal, his HUD grant rigging scandal, his EPA Super-fund scandal, his revolving-door lobbying scandal, and his Savings and Loan scandal. Then came Bush the Elder who’s only moment of fame was puking on the Japanese Prime Minister, followed by eight years of Special Investigators probing Clinton's every orifice while threatening to subpoena his penis. And worst of all, 2 terms of Bush the Younger, a man universally recognized as America’s worst president EVER!

Yea, I’ll bet there’s millions of Americans that could have honestly said the same thing. Michelle will make a great First Lady. Barack and Michelle will bring a love of education, literature, and culture that has not been seen in the White House since the Age of Camelot.


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