Saturday, October 27, 2007

Why I Support the ACLU

Craig To Argue Foot-Tapping A Constitutional Right
TPM Election Central

This puts Craig with an odd ally for a conservative Republican: The ACLU, who argued in an amicus brief that foot-tapping and hand gestures alone, absent a real sexual act, were protected by the First Amendment. Craig's lawyers will file their briefs by mid-December, and have asked to make oral arguments before the appeals court in St. Paul. More ...
Conservatives like Larry Craig frequently criticize the ACLU for protecting the constitutional rights of political or social outcasts. What sweet justice that Mr. Craig's defense is supported by the ACLU - the bete noire of the neofascist right. It gives me great pleasure to imagine that for each dollar of my annual ACLU dues, hypocrites like Larry Craig find it just a bit more difficult to defend their intolerant positions.


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