Monday, June 04, 2007

Revenge of the Shrub

Of course. We’ve known all along, those of us who are not purblind, that Bush means to pass his trash to the next president. And most of us have seen this as just the latest and worst demonstration of Bush’s lifelong pattern of irresponsible cowardice.

But I, at least, never before understood it as an act of kindness toward the next president. A selfless sacrifice of one’s own place in history by forcing the next occupant of the White House into doing the right thing, even if he or she is a blackhearted, brie-sucking surrender monkey of a Democrat.

By Inaugural Day in 2009, our crackpot savior hopes, the quicksand will already have closed over the head of whichever poor sucker is taking the oath that Bush has so dishonored. Continue reading ...

From the "Our Moron in Chief" files

Several mothers who have lost children at war in Iraq took part in a new talk show today on National Public Radio.One of them, Elaine Johnson, recounted a meeting that she had with President Bush in which he gave her a presidential coin and told her and five other families: "Don’t go sell it on eBay.”


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