Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Devolution of Higher Education in Michigan?

Spare state's students from oppressive tuition
The Detroit News
Michigan cannot continue to follow the self-destructive cycle of slashing public support to its universities and passing along appallingly high tuition hikes to college students.
Michigan is tied with Colorado for cutting taxpayer support of its 15 public colleges by more than any other state except Missouri.
"Universities across the state are trying to decide whether they're going to raise tuition. They have no certainty," Ms. Granholm told reporters. "School districts across the state are issuing pink slips because they don't know what their budget is going to look like next year."
Michigan continues its downward slide to join states like Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama in providing its citizens with the poorest opportunities for reaching an educational, financial, or cultural level beyond that of their economic class. Why is Michigan one of the few states with a fixed tax rate regardless of income?


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