Thursday, February 15, 2007

And the lies continue

Fables of the reconstruction
My source on this is none other than a real soldier, who really served in Iraq, and - of all things - was in a real intelligence unit looking at real evidence about EFPs:

About two years ago, in Iraq, we saw what we called then "platter charges"---a tube of explosive, with a bronze plate, concave or convex (I can never remember which is which) welded at the business end. The technique was Syrian, and at least thirty years old. They were devastatingly effective. With detonation the brass plate melted into a projectile which destroyed any and all armor, either vehicular or the personal type, worm on the bodies of soldiers. It reduced Kevlar helmets to shreds. Within two months we saw more and more of them. There was no talk of blaming Iran then. The president wasn't trying to forget one unsuccessful war by starting another.
Now I watched CBS news and saw them highlighting these bombs. They're blaming Iran, and acting as if they are new weapons.

Be afraid. Be very afraid. Not of our enemies: of our government, for the fights they desire cannot be fought with weapons.


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