Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Senator John Ensign (R-Nevada) Calls for Bipartisan Resolve on Iraq

In a magnanimous call for political unity, Senator Ensign implores both sides of the isle to rise above petty political grievances and come together as Americans, do the right thing for our country, and support our president’s plans for Iraq. WTF! Why do airheads like Ensign, in their calls for nonpartisan solutions, always opt for promoting the failed policies of their party’s chief executive? What a pompous shitheel. How big a player was Ensign that he was comp’d a stint as a US senator by the big casinos?

An amendment offered by Senator John Ensign would have made health care more affordable and accessible by expanding the ability of people to use their Health Savings Account to pay for health insurance. “We need innovative solutions in health care, and I’m disappointed that Democrats played politics on an issue so critical to providing quality health care to Americans,” said Ensign. What Ensign didn’t say was that after these health savings accounts reach their maximum benefit payout, the poor sick bastards would then be thrown onto the Medicare heap with US taxpayers picking up the major costs. The logic behind Ensign's health savings accounts is of the kind behind the recent prescription drug bill that prevents the government from negotiating lower drug prices. You know these health savings accounts are of questionable value when you realize that Golden Rule Life Insurance Inc. is pushing them.


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