Monday, January 15, 2007

No Surprise Here - AFA Poll Slams Islam

In the last few years, America has become more aware of the Muslim religion and the growing number of Americans who are Muslims. Would you take a minute to give us your opinion of Islam and America.
Islam and America Poll - Give us your opinion!
Do you consider Islam to be a peaceful religion? Yes 16,703 No 213,125
Do you consider Islam to be a tolerant religion? Yes 9,810 No 219,545
Would America be a better country if it were a Muslim country? Yes 2,080 No 227,137
Should America place equal emphasis on the Koran and the Bible? Yes 6,383 No 222,292
Would it be good for America to have more Muslims in elected offices? Yes 6,374 No 221,624
Would you vote for a Muslim for president? Yes 5,769 No 222,566
As a general rule, are women treated better in America than in a Muslim country? Yes 208,905 No 19,635
Is America too dependent on Muslim countries for oil? Yes 219,735 No 8,762
Do Muslim countries do more than America to help the poor? Yes 6,303 No 220,625

This American Family Association poll is as biased as would be a KKK poll on the benefits of the Civil Rights Act - and just as valid. Prejudice is the grist of small minds.


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