Sunday, January 21, 2007

National Sanctity of Human Life Day: Jan 21

President Bush, with the enthusiastic support of his anti-choice base, has waged a tireless war on women's reproductive rights and personal privacy. If President Bush were truly interested in protecting women's health and reducing the need for abortion, he would work to prevent unintended pregnancy. But his policies do exactly the opposite.

Since taking office in January 2001, George W. Bush has led a steady and unrelenting attack on freedom of choice and the right to privacy, using all the powers of his presidency. Through legislation, executive actions, and appointments, Bush has left no stone unturned in his war on freedom of choice. If left unchecked, the consequences for privacy rights – and even access to contraception – will be felt for generations to come.

If Bush was serious about the sanctity of human life he would be leading the charge to provide basic health care to the millions of American children in need.


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