Wednesday, December 27, 2006

"Operation: Just Say... 'Merry Christmas'"

Are you in a quandry about which of our exclusive Christmas Bumper Stickers you like best? Can't decide which one to buy for gifts? Well....we've solved your problem! Purchase our variety 3 pack and save money too!

This Christmas season, proclaim to the world a message of joy, hope – and political incorrectness! WND produced three special, original magnetic bumper stickers with our loyal, patriotic readers in mind.

And because these bumper stickers are magnetic, there's no glue on your car, you can re-position it anytime, even move it from car to car. And you can re-use it year after year!

Only $14.95 - Order yours now!

One has to announce that it's not just some random "holiday." No, motherfuckers, it's Christmas, and conservatives wanna make sure you know it.


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