Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Weapons R-us!

Blondesense: How Tainted is our Collective Soul?

There are 2,243,040 people in US prisons. We have the highest percentage of the population imprisoned in the whole wide world. We even beat the bad guys!

Black men are hardly our biggest problem in America, but under George Bush, we beat out encarcerating black men against South Africa in 1993 under apartheid:
US in 2004: 4,919 per 100,000
SA in 1993: 851 per 100,000
(stats via

We execute more white people than blacks though. White people are more likely to be serial killers. The Europeans called for a ban on executions. Here, more than 60% of the populace endorse it. Probably because we discuss who we are killing, not who is doing the killing. We are not number one in worldwide executions, but we share the stage with such luminary countries as Sudan, Kuwait, China, and republics of the former Soviet Union. (link)

As I replied to Blondesense Liz, Duyba’s discovered just how financially rewarding it is to be best-in-class for the science of efficient violence. Domestic or export, we’re your 1-stop shop for the administration of military-grade whoop Ass. Let’s hope that Professor Cook’s prognostication is off the mark. Even our Canadian friends are beginning to be worried.

America now reengineering itself via a technological processes that creates the culture, work, competition and self that is no longer 'made in America' or made anywhere other than in technological space and whose future may well be played out in the only realm that America still holds the edge — violence both inside and outside the nation.

David Cook, Scarborough College, University of Toronto


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